love your wardrobe

Perhaps you are familiar with this scenario: you’re standing in front of your stuffed wardrobe, frustrated at not being able to find your favorite top, and you don’t know what else to wear despite literally having a hundred options before you.

It’s such a common scenario, it’s a cliché. But that is how I used to feel every morning. Now I just feel that way the morning of laundry day. My closet has far fewer clothes than ever, but I am much more satisfied with my options, and I can put together an outfit quickly in the mornings. As an additional bonus, I get a lot more compliments on my style.

The secret is to keep only what you love, and ruthlessly eliminate the rest. But to do that, you have to go through everything, a la KonMari tidying.

Seriously, go try it, right now, with your clothes. Pull everything out and pile it on the bed. Loungewear, jackets, work clothes, PJs, yes, even undergarments. A little surprised at how much you have? Do you honestly think you actually want to wear all those things?

Before my closet purge, I had over 70 mismatched hangers in my closet, each one holding a piece of clothing. It was a little crowded in there. I also didn’t wear much of what I had, though ironically I never felt like I had enough variety. I ended up replacing my 70 hangers with a 40-pack of those neat Huggable Hangers. I really wanted matching hangers, and I figured that sticking to the cheap white plastic hangers made it too easy for me to just buy more hangers when they got full.

I’ve pared down my closet, bit by bit, by focusing on eliminating clothes I don’t particularly enjoy. “Does is spark joy?” is a very useful question when choosing what to keep. Of my 40 hangers, about fifteen of them are currently unoccupied (granted, a few items are in the laundry), and I now feel like I have too many clothes! It’s funny how focusing only on what we love reveals what we truly need and what is excess. Go ahead and eliminate those wardrobe pieces that you felt obligated to keep but aren’t otherwise attached to.

Is there room for more elimination after the initial process? Sure! My closet purge happened in two waves; both times produced about a garbage bag full of clothes to either throw away or donate. I was going to do another purge for this post, but after pulling all my clothes out of the closet (and setting aside all the stuff for warmer weather), I found myself stuck on only two items: a grey shift and a slightly large striped ¾-sleeve shirt. I ended up setting those aside for warmer weather as well.

I will admit, I only did my closet. I have a dresser with additional clothes in it, though it mainly consists of a few pairs of jeans, a couple of sweaters, and a lot of t-shirts and pajama bottoms. I skipped all those because most of them get more use during the summer, and I’d rather wait until autumn to evaluate warm-weather wear.

What are your favorite things to wear? Are there any pieces that you don’t wear as often as you like? Now is a great opportunity to piece together outfits with those! Do you have anything that you were relieved to finally let go of?