Welcome to The Inspired Mundane, my blog on creative living for the glory of God.

“Oh, okay, it’s a homemaking blog,” you say.

Well, kind of, but not really. I’m not a homemaker; I still live with my parents. Many of the things I write about will probably be applicable to homemakers, but I myself do not make a home (yet). I think my situation would be more comparable to that of a college student living in a dorm, in terms of what space I have to manage and work in. I can’t choose paint colors, but I can choose the furnishings and arrangements.

Much of my inspiration for this blog came from reading Edith Schaeffer’s The Hidden Art of Homemaking, which is an excellent book that was not as stodgy as I thought it would be. You can read my review on it HERE.

Since this is an intro post, I thought I’d share few goals for my room, which is both a bedroom and my creative space since I have a built-in desk. I’ll likely be blogging about the process of attaining these goals, some of which are:

  1. Fit all the things I own, with a few exceptions, into my room. No clutter allowed! That way if I ever move into an actual dorm or a tiny apartment, I won’t feel like I have too much stuff. Right now I have over half of my books (a collection that does need paring down…) out on the unfinished built-in bookcases in our family room. I’d like to have them all in one place. This leads to my next goal:
  1. Build a second shelving unit. For all those books! I currently have one of those cheap particle-board shelving units designed to hold fabric ‘cube’ drawers. I’d like to build a matching one and put it next to my dresser.
  1. Make some good décor for my walls. Again, paint color isn’t an option to me (nor am I interested in painting my room), but I can make some artwork to hang up. I have a few hand-drawn fantasy maps that I could frame, or I could do the Pinterest thing and find some cheap art at the thrift store and remake it.
  1. Make my own quilt. This will require me to learn how to quilt, but that doesn’t look terribly difficult, just time-consuming. I’d love to sleep with my very own quilt, with colors and patterns I picked out myself!

I imagine that with 20 credit hours of classes this fall quarter, I probably won’t get all of these done. The shelving unit might wait until Christmas break, as would a quilt.

What is your living space like? Do you have any goals for how you’d like to change it?